Acne can be a big barrier to your confidence and can take a lot of time and stress to hide. However, with the right treatment it can be managed and controlled.

We have a range of acne treatments that can help with skin texture and rejuvenation, scar reduction and overall management.



Scars can be a humiliating barrier for anyone. Acne or other factors could leave visible scars that can cause embarrassment or be concealed with make-up that can further damage your skin. No single treatment fits everyone, however Precision Aesthetics can review any and every case and come up with the perfect treatment plan.

These plans include but are not limited to collagen induction to help improve skin texture and rejuvenation, and even home treatments like dermal rolling to reduce scars, lines and wrinkles.


Redness and Rosacea

Rosacea usually starts off as a slight reddening on the face, but over time can develop into something far more visible in the form of skin eruptions and inflammation. Symptoms of rosacea can range from flushing, burning or stinging sensations in the face, or visible red lines in affected areas. Lifestyle choices have a big part to play in the development of rosacea, although the exact causes are still unknown.

Changing diet can help a lot for the treatment of rosacea. Eating vegetables with large numbers of anti-oxidants e.g. carrot, kumara and broccoli can give your body the protection and strength it needs to combat rosacea. Spicy foods can often trigger inflammation, so try to limit your intake of spices like black pepper, chili, paprika and cayenne.


Pigmentation and Sun Damage

New Zealand has one of the harshest sunlights in the world and can cause concerns for a lot of kiwi women. Signs of sun damage range from uneven general skin tone to age spots and red veins. Pregnancy and various medications can also cause pigment blemishes, but we have treatments to suit everyone’s needs.

Our team can offer a tailored plan of IPL and/or microdermabrasion to effectively combat the damage caused by sun exposure or pigmentation.