Facial Volume Loss

Facial volume loss is a direct result of the ageing process. Our muscle structure and fat pads beneath our skin begins to deteriorate, causing a loss of facial volume.

Our cheeks can lose volume and begin to sag around our muscles, we can start to develop smile lines, jowls become evident, and our lips can lose volume and fullness.

Fortunately, we offer a range of anti-ageing skin treatments that can keep you looking younger and vibrant.


Lines and Wrinkles

There are many reasons wrinkles can form, from your occupation, ageing, smoking, and genetics. Wrinkles are the direct result of the body lowering its levels of collagen and elastin, causing skin to sag and lose its volume.

At Precision Aesthetics, we can offer treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help your skin stay vibrant and fresh. Talk to the team about our dermal fillers or microdermabrasion treatments and see if one of our options is right for you.


Lip Volume

Lip volume is another sign of ageing that is a common concern for women. Over time or as a result of environmental factors, our lips can lose their volume and appear thinner, shrunken and aged.

Our lip fillers are an effective treatment that provide immediate results to help your smile really shine.