Cosmetic Tattoos

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Cosmetic tattoos are a fantastic way to get the look you want, all day every day. Using a minimally invasive technique, we can redefine your eyebrows and eyeliner to create a clean and defined shape that is visible for years. Our anaesthetic gels and creams make for a relatively painless process that will have you looking your best. Head over to the FAQ’s page for more information, or book an appointment today!

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With the application of cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, you never have to worry about shaping, smudging or application of eyebrow make-up again, and the costs involved in the process.

Not only does eyebrow tattooing potentially fix asymmetrical facial features, but it is a perfect solution for women who suffer from allergies to typical make-ups.

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Want permanent eye liner every day? Struggling to apply eye-liner on a regular basis? Consider our cosmetic tattooing option to achieve that perfect look.

Permanent make-up offers a solution to those allergic to make-ups, or people who struggle with eyelash or eyebrow volume. Cosmetic tattoo applications can give your eyes that lift every day, so you wake up feeling your best without having to apply a single touch.

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