Cosmetic Tattooing

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Eyeliner Aftercare:

  • Swelling , itching and redness is completely normal after treatment.
  • I will give you makeup pads, please wet them and put them in the fridge . Before bedtime please hold these over your eyes as a cold compress. This will reduce swelling you may experience the next day.
  • If you can, please sleep slightly elevated, this will prevent eyes from swelling more, 
and prevent residual pigment going on your pillow case. 
 It’s a good idea to use an old pillow case as you may get some pigment on it.
  • Do not rub, pick, peel, use makeup, use any products on your eyes for at least a week. This will make the colour stick and you will be happier with the results. I know its hard not to wear makeup if you normally do but i promise you its worth it in the long run.
  • Please apply cream on the tattoo before a shower as a barrier to try not to get them directly wet in the shower, bath, swimming or spa, try your best to keep your eyes out of the water.
  • Under no circumstance should you rub, pick or attempt to remove any flaky bits that may form from 
the eyeliner, this can result in removing actual pigment and ruining your eyeliner.

The follow up appointment is an important step in the micro-pigmentation procedure, please don’t expect immediate results.

Brow Aftercare:

  • No cleansers, makeup, swimming, spas , excessive sweating or direct water on the area until the peeling process has finished. This is very important to ensure that the colour takes to the skin, it will fade quickly if these instructions are not followed until the healing has finished. So, its for your own benefit to follow these instructions.
  • It will take 2-3 weeks for the colour to settle and show what colour it will be and in the follow up appointment we can deal with any changes you may want. Please remember that micropigmentation is a work in progress and don’t worry if by the first appointment you don’t have the desired results as its fixed in the follow up appointment if needed.
  • Apply the Bepanthen cream provided to you minimum 4 times a day, if it feels itchy, it means you are not applying enough cream and you can apply more. Please apply using a cotton bud, not fingers please. 
Before you apply cream, get a damp cotton bud and wipe off the old cream first, then apply the fresh cream. 
Always apply lots of cream before showering to act as a barrier from the water.
  • It is normal for the brows to exfoliate, bits of colour will fall off, do not pick the colour off. This process will take around a week. 
 It is normal for the colour to fade up to 30% when it is healed.

For after hours concerns, please contact your local GP after hours for further assistance.